Adventures in Sleep Land!

Random post alert!

Two nights, two funky dreams. So much fun! This makes me look forward to sleeping even more ;) hahaha.

Dream 1- I was a  sidekick of a hero. On this day, we returned to a town filled with people who waved and cheered as he passed by – they were all some how helped or saved by him during his journey.

It was a celebration! But the hero also knew his fate – on this very day, he would die… on the way to the toilet. My view then changed from first person’s to a bird’s eye view. Next scene showed the hero heading towards a house. A man wielding a huge sword suddenly appeared from behind, and with one mighty swing, he chopped the hero’s head off. Somehow, all this appeared to me in old school computer graphics. So I was watching one sprite slice the other’s head off :p

In the next scene, two guys sat near a fountain looking bored. One was the hero, the other was me. The hero commented, “I knew that would happen.” They both sighed, one helped the other up and they walked off. Next thing I know we were looking out for each other’s backs as we battled a huge ass lizard  (yes it was in first person view again!) The end.

I just said I had fun in my dreams, not that it would make any sense. I thought about the shift in views, and was thinking that perhaps when in town, my character got killed too, just right before the hero did. So I could view what was happening from above. And when he died, we both got re-spawned at the save point to start a new journey altogether again!

Dream 2 – This one involved monsters and explosions (well, planned.)  It was a plan to stop an invasion from an army with monsters; we had a team of people and stationed at a T junction, with explosives right smack in the middle. Plan was to blow up the place just as the army reached the area. I remember the entire perfect situation mapped out, like that in Inception, right before the mission – as the army approached, we would lit the explosives and kill off majority of the enemy. The rest of us would take down the remaining with guns and specialized weapons.

But. When do plans ever go perfectly? ;) As the army approached, the explosives were lit. They didn’t go off. Panic and chaos ensued. One member went berserk and shot random places, killing innocent by-standers. Flash to another member who was a cop, cursing as he sped to get to location when he knew what happened. And I was assigned to get help. So off I went to inform another person (who happened to be my friend Dorothy). And the mode of transport I had was a… stool.


I managed to get halfway there (don’t ask how- things just happen in a dream), then stopped because I was tired and irritated. Haha. Then… I woke up.

I wonder if my dreams are trying to tell me something. Hah! (That I’m suffering from game withdrawal? :p That… even the most perfect plans fail sometimes, and to stay calm and get help? That… everyone falls, even the greatest hero, but it’s okay to sigh, pick yourself up and continue fighting?

Okay okay. I’ll stop analyzing hahaha. I hope for more epic dreams in the nights ahead!

Anyone else have any funky and interesting dreams recently? ;)


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