Mmm pancakes…

How’s 2011 been treating you? :) I’ve only managed to settle somewhat into the new year, thus the lack of posts. For a while, I couldn’t organize my thoughts into words.

Two years back,  I had little goals planned at the end of 2009, all ready for 2010. Were they all accomplished? Some were – being able to play A-F on guitar, building up my RSS feed, finding a new job,  etc. Of course there were others that didn’t quite meet my expectation – I’ve been exercising less, I baked and experimented less, and I never did got about going to church again.

This year, on 1st Jan 2011 – everything before me is a question mark. Until now, I only know I’m going to make it a point to go back to Church (because I have way too much to thank God for, and my little conversations with him just isn’t enough. And it’s something else, which I can’t explain :)), and to bake without being an over-perfectionist. I’ve penned down some little goals. The rest I’ll see as I go along the year!

Before I end, something I wanna share from one of the blogs I’ve been following:

It’s a weird phenomenal, but oh soooo true. My first pancake will always be an ugly circle – the ugly duckling. But taste wise, it’s as good as all its brothers and sisters that cook up more beautifully in the pan!

It’s so like many things in life. The first try may turn out terrible, which sometimes isn’t as bad as it looks like that first ugly pancake – it may be just a perfectionist trait, or us being anal. And as you go along… things just get better as you tweak and make adjustments. Just keep going till you get that yummy golden brown pancake.

Wishing everyone a great 2011!


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