Year of the bunny! ~ Bunny pineapple tarts

Thus comes again the time of Chinese New Year goodies. I’ve been testing a few recipes over the last few years, and am quite happy with the recipe I found for for this year. Was tired of making open face and normal round shaped tarts, and decided to go with something new… I got my miffy pen to thank for this –

Pineapple balls
Shaped and ready for baking

Pineapple tart bunniesBunny pineapple tarts!

I had wanted to put eyes on them initially.

Prototype bunny!Prototype pineapple Bunny: *STARES*

…And decided against it because it looked a little scary.

Recipe can be found here from Bisous À Toi. It’s the Indonesian pineapple tart recipe, the pastry is a lovely crumbly and melt-in-your mouth texture. If you like the biscuit crunchy kind of pastry, then this may not be for you ;) Remember to use good butter – either SCS or golden churn because both have the wonderful salty buttery-ness that plays well with the pineapple jam!


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