Your perfect curriculum

Everytime I log into wordpress, there’s a list of drafts at the side of my dashboard. Yes, I have a bunch of them that never got to see the light of day. This is one of them ;p

If you had a chance to design a curriculum to study, what would it be? Inspired of from Turning Pages.

– Baking & Pastry (no surprise yea!)
– Dressmaking (cause I would love to be able to do simple amendments, clothes and fabric crafts)
– Japanese / French
– Music – some history, theory; learning a string instrument & vocals!
– Basic Graphic Design
– Communication Design
– Photography
– Business Basics (I tell people my degree, Business, is not me – I’ve seen business minded people, and am amazed by them. My brain is not wired that way. But some basics of it never hurt!)

I have way too many interests that are skills which requires practice. Ooops, greedy aren’t I? If I had to pick, I would do baking & pastry and design communication as core, and dress making and music as electives. The rest are good to know. *grin*

If you had the chance to design your own curriculum, what would you put into it? ;)


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