Words don’t come easy…

I think it’s more than 5 times I tried to blog something, but nothing comes out, or the post doesn’t make sense, or it ends up being depressing and negative that I delete the whole thing :pThat’s what happens when I’m overly busy at work – i become a couch potato in life and I seriously… hate it. I’m thinking that’s what I’m feeling stifled and frustrated!

All important college related events are finally over; i’m now in the holiday period and am clearing much of my off days and leave.

Many things have happened, many things are to happen. Decisions to be made; changes are going taking place. At this point, I’m unsure of what my to do, what I want, or what to expect. All I know is that, man, I’m tired. Haha.  Glad of the experiences and happy with most of the results.

Let me have my well deserved break and think about things, and hopefully have more interesting posts back here soon!


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