Crossroads and thoughts

At this point, I’ve been pondering about what’s the next step to take:

1. Stay on and see how my job will change after the structural change
2. Find another full-time job
3. Quit, do part-time, continue to work on my baking with courses and blog; and work on craft ideas at the side
4. Go to Canada for a break

I’m keeping 4 as the last option, though it’s definitely in the plans for the  near future since the SO is going to be there for some time! Option 2, I’m not too keen. Been to an interview for Studio Manager at a cooking school today – I’m glad the lady interviewing me told me directly that I’ll probably be more suitable in a few years time – it reminded me of what I needed to work on, with much to think about. I leave enlightened than disappointed ;)

2 options gone and I’m left with option 1 and 3. Somewhere in May my heart was all out for 3, so much so when I decided to go for it I felt lighter and happier. Then option 1 happened, and having a love-hate relationship with changes that I have little say in (changes are uncomfortable,  but changes mean more experiences so…) became conflicted. It didn’t help when they mentioned that my remuneration might get adjusted.

I’m gonna give it a while more to see how option 1 works out, and if I’m comfortable with the changes. Deep down I still wish for option 3 and have received signs that it might be the way to go for a while. We’ll see!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to open my baking blog, Banana Bread. It’s the bread/cake that got me into baking ;) Will link up the blog very soon.


3 thoughts on “Crossroads and thoughts

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