Happy Father’s Day

We went for sushi last night to celebrate Father’s Day :) It was a last minute decision and I’m glad we did. My family dislikes going to any restaurant on such days; thankfully we managed to get our seat in about 15 minutes!

Dad… and me!

My father has always been the silent figure working to ensure the best for our family. He’s the parent who disciplined us when we were younger (with canes, no less!). And also the one who guided us in our homework if he could. My math was terrible during primary school – I still remember the nights at the dining table under the warm light, where he would go through school assignments, or assignment books with me.  Of course, it was frustrating sometimes as a kid, especially when it was late and the next day there’s still school! But without his guidance I don’t think I’ll even have a B for my PSLE (yes my math is that bad).

And then… there’s fun dad. Dad who introduced me to videogames at kindergarden when my feet still couldn’t touch the ground while seated on his office chair (YES. There were games on his office computer. Haha!) So at 5-6 years old, I was playing games like Digger, Bouncing Babies (this was a game where you have to save babies thrown out of a burning hospital, bounce them along on a stretcher and into an ambulance :p), Tetris… and soon after the PC he bought Micro Genius. He bought me my handheld Tetris game. That’s the makings of gamer Cass trained from young by Dad.

I have the deepest respect for my father for everything he has done to take care of the family over the years. He’s not someone shares his problems (perhaps only with my mother), but I know it hasn’t been easy for him in the early years of his business. I always remember vividly that one night during bedtime, where he got angry and took out the cane, just because I was speaking to my mother when we were already in bed about to sleep. Of course being young I couldn’t understand and wondered why he got mad when I was just speaking. When I got older, I realized he was probably stressed from work and wanted to sleep, me speaking to mum wasn’t helping. He isn’t a person who could express himself well but that got better over the years ;)

Today his business is doing very well, only because of all the hard work from his early days. It taught me the important lesson to not only look at the end results of others’ achievements and how wonderful everything looks, that in order to achieve anything  it’s really all about the things that you do when no one is looking… :) Anything is possible, as long as you are willing to commit your time and work at it!

Happy belated Father’s day to all Dads!


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