Japanese Cheesecake 2

Japanese Cheesecake 2
Japanese Cheesecake recipe 2, taken by Instagram

Not quite satisfied with the first bake I had because of the cracked top and shrinkage, I decided to have another go with another recipe online have been tried and tested by many food bloggers. I like the post done up by The Little Teochew, where she has shared tips on how to make that perfect Japanese cheesecake. Hop on over to her site for the recipe and tips!

I’m glad to have learnt about the tenting method – lining the sides of your pan high to help with the rise, and also for covering your cake with aluminium foil in case it gets too brown. As you can see from my top photo, my second cake came out without a crack on top. Another tip I got from her, was not to remove the cake too fast from the oven. My first attempt deflated like crazy because I removed it immediately after the time was up. This time I switched off the oven and allowed it to sit in inside for 30 minutes more, until the pan was cool enough to hold with my bare hands. It just shrunk only about 1 inch this time :)

The verdict of the two recipes?

The recipe by Alex Goh reminded me more of Fiesta’s cheesecake, it was creamier and melted in your mouth, like an very light and airy american cheesecake. The online recipe was fluffier, a little drier and had a nice bite to it. Have a go at both and see which you prefer ;) I’ll probably have another go at Alex’s recipe, with the above tips to see how it goes again, and to test out using a springform pan instead because as you see below, my beautiful swirled crust from above is no more after transferring the cake out!

Japanese cheesecake 2!
Innards of the online Japanese cheesecake recipe

More testings to come when I have the time; I don’t think my family or friends mind – both cheesecakes were gone within a day! In fact my mum has already asked for another ;)


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