Show me a way

I have been praying to God for  direction and for him to show me the way, or drop me signs. So far I’ve gotten:

1. an unexpected email request to bake cupcakes for a 21st birthday
2. I received a call from a job agency after updating my resume on jobstreet, for a HR position
3. 2 people  told me I would do well in HR because of personality (within 2 days!)

I’ll wait it out a while more to confirm it. This was very similar to when I was leaving my previous company, just that this time I have much more options, so it gets harder to discern sometimes.

Though I’m more or less certain my next career step will be to try out HR, because if not now, then… when? If i don’t like it, I know I am okay to fall back on with administration (just that I’ll continue to fill unsatisfied).  Now, it’s all about do I wait till I get a job, or just quit? Dum dum dum. It’s probably good to have some income, but it’s just me – I feel bad if I quit during school term because things are busy. I should really stop feeling too much about these things :p

While at the same time, continue to work on my baking and blog :)

July got unexpectedly busy with gatherings (just came home from an evening of KTV for a colleague’s farewell). Am happy, but already getting a little tired, especially since I’m trying to adjust back my sleeping time after all the long weekend breaks.

I still need to find time one day, to really sit down and  think about what I want to do in the next 6th months, and how to go about doing it.

For now, sleep. Long weekend with activities ahead! ;)


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