Baking Inspirations & Ideas: 10 July 2011

It’s been a long week for me. Finally back to a normal 5 day work week after having 3 weeks of 5 day weekends clearing all my leave and off days. *grin* I miss my 2-3 day work weeks haha. On another note, my amazon order is said to be arriving next week on the 13th. Can’t wait to get my hands on all the baking books I’ve ordered!

No bake chocolate cake from 101 cookbooks – Ahh, truffle cake. No baking required. So rich but I bet it tastes fantastic. It’s a simple versatile recipe – I’m thinking you can easily add additional nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits, or flavour it with your spice or favourite liquor :)

Rose cookies from I am Baker – these cookies remind me of a childhood Singaporean cookie – think of 2cm tea biscuit bases with colourful piped royal icing tops. I always eat the sugary top first, followed by the bottom. Awesome sugar rush! haha.

Korean brown sugar pancakes from Maangchi – Few weeks back, I went to a Korean mini mart with my parents and my dad bought these packaged pancakes. He loves anything brown sugar, and he loves pancakes. It tasted quite yummy, except that like many packaged food… it has that packaged, refrigerated for too long taste. Immediately I went to look up a recipe, and found this. Definitely on my to do list!

Strawberry semifreddo from Dessert First – I got this and another recipe from Donna Hay bookmarked. Never had a semifreddo before, so this frozen dessert has always pipued my interest…

That’s all for this week :) What have you baked or stumbled across this week that you want to try?


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