A year wiser…

… Or at least I hope so! :P

Birthday cake from the 13 apostles ;)Birthday cake from the 13apostles!

I’m thankful for my family, friends and SO and their efforts to make things a little more special and memorable. What would I do without them? :)

Just finished posting up something at Banana Bread (go see if you like chocolate!), almost thought I wouldn’t be able to post up something this week!  I went ahead with a cupcake request for Friday… somehow it was a bad baking week for me. Managed to deliver what was wanted in the end, but not totally satisfied. Totally killed two of my evenings and made me crash on Friday night and Saturday (on Friday night, I fell asleep once I got home. The SO commented he was surprised I actually woke up to shower… I just can’t really go to bed without showering :p).

But it was a good experience for me. When things don’t go right, sometimes… all you need to do is take a step back, go do something else, and come back at it with a fresh mind again. It worked for me at least ;)

I’ve rejected the interview from the job agency in the end, mainly because of the company’s location. Still on a look out for jobs now, preferably something in HR and temporary. Recently, I’ve been seeing more people quit and change jobs, makes me feel like throwing the letter too. Haha! I think I’m hanging on to a thin line, hanging on to having a stable income…  Other than that, I’m pretty much tired of waiting to see what happens next in my job. With all the changes taking place, why isn’t HR or management saying anything to the people who are affected? o_O

In the meantime, life goes on. I should really learn to take snapshots of the different events so that my blog posts aren’t just a block of text. Too many things happening but no pictures – I shall challenge myself to take a snapshot of events, just one photo to tell it all. In Instagram. Love that application ;)


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