That one step

My resignation came as a surprise to quite a few of people, friends, colleagues and even the SO. He knew I would, sooner or later… just not sooner :P The only person who wasn’t quite surprised was my boss, who immediately asked with an excited  smile, “You found a new job already?” (That’s a story for another time, though!)

I spoken to a few people about my ‘dilemma’, on whether to stay on till next year then quit and head for Cananda, or quit now and find another job, and maybe head to Canada next year, depending on if the job is full time or temporary.

Some advised to GO NOW TO CANADA (what is the dilemma!) – these are married women with kids. Hmm. Another said to take time to do my baking. The practical ones of course, is to stay, take the bonus and leave after. And of course, there were many others who just listened and left me to ponder out loud ;)

Through it all, I realised no matter what, I still felt the strong urge to resign. Maybe it’s because it was decided earlier in the year that I would leave after my big project in May. Sure perhaps, things would change after the restructure and the new boss. And NOW, after I resign, management mentioned they would look into the job structures of the faculty administrators and get something done by 1 Nov 2011. But it’s one thing I learnt from my previous job, don’t wait for things to happen and miraculously improve. Because more often than not, it will not, and change in organisations take time.

So I tendered. And then felt sadness and fear, I’m taking that step with no concrete plans, and I’m going to miss the people once again :( Because I have to go into a new organisation and adapt to new people and systems again – and there’s always the question, will the next place have people whom I can click with? I know how it is with people and me, it’s rare I find someone I can click with immediately. Usually we take time to warm up to each other, but once that happens, I usually find myself in company of people who are very genuine and real. I’ve been lucky so far with people! (And somehow believe I will continue to be ;))

Do I regret taking this step? No. In retrospect, I did realise when talking to people I was looking for affirmation to resign (to say that I was making the right choice – yes I know, silly me.) Although there are no set plans, I’m excited what this one step has given me – time to breathe and see the many opportunities in front of me.



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