July’s daring bakers – Fraiser cake!

My first daring bakers challenge, and I’m late oops! But that’s because I wanted to get it right before posting this :)

The July’s daring bakers is hosted by Jana from Cherry Tea Cakes. The challenge was to make a fraiser cake. Do hop over to her site for the recipes inspired from Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s cookbook, Tartine.

This challenge had me to face one of my fears – the chiffon cake! My chiffon hasn’t been consistent least to say, especially when I bake them in normal pans. They like cratering on me – when that happens, I usually just take the opportunity to fill that crater with cream and fruits, sandwich it on top with another layer, and frost the whole thing so no one knows :p

This time, the worst of my fears came true… but it did not crater. Instead, silly me lined the pan for my chiffon pan and ended up with this :

 oopsie chiffon
Shriveled cake anyone? T_T

I did manage to somehow savage it and did my strawberry cake in the end…

strawberry fraiser cakeBut yes, I wasn’t quite satisfied… And had a go at it the second time. This time, I learnt my lesson. 1. No lining of pan, 2. Beat the eggs whites only at medium to medium high until stiff peaks. This helps keep the bubbles created stable! 3. Invert the cake pan immediately and leave to cool; this helps to prevent it from collapsing.

blueberry fraiser
Blueberry fraiser – what a difference in the texture :)

All in all, a great challenge – thanks Jana! Now am excitedly waiting for next month’s challenge. I’m also looking forward to baking the pandan chiffon cake now – recently found a old chiffon cake pan while clearing my kitchen cupboard :)


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