Orientation & a change of plans

LASALLE Orientation performance :)
LASALLE Orientation closing performance by the students. Stayed back today for the closing of LASALLE’s orientation week – it seems just like yesterday when I stayed back for the previous year’s orientation… How time goes by!

On a crazier note, after some thought, I’ve decided to stay on a bit longer here :) Seriously, I feel like a tad like a kid trying to get attention by throwing the towel. Initially I thought of staying one or two months more, to help out with the transition of the new faculty restructuring. I still don’t know if it’s the graduation goggles effect, we’ll see in a few weeks – very honestly, I’m quite enjoying the new dean’s style of management so far; also recently, I feel that the people on level 2 have grown closer (and crazier)-


The company’s been great fun, it makes whatever frustrating work easier to bear :)

So how long? I told my new boss I’ll give it till end year and evaluate from there. Sometimes I wonder if I’m setting up myself for more trouble HAHA. I’m tossing rights and wrongs out of the window (for many things)… Just live, and learn!


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