Baking for a love one?

Do you feel stumped on what to give your love one for a special occasion? Have you ran out of ideas of a unique gift to give someone you’re interested in?

Bake a home-made cake, filled with love! Located at Bishan central, Cass will guide you through the processing of creating that special cake for that someone special. Please call Cassandra at xxxx1585 for more enquiries and to fix an appointment today!

/end shameless advertisement

…Sorry, I can’t help myself HAHA. It’s always fun when friends poke me to teach how to make a special dessert for a love one or that someone special. (It’s also when I wish my kitchen is bigger!) Today, we made cupcakes, here are some samples:

Playing with fondant

I tried with Miffy, but I think I need some gum tragacanth to stiffen the fondant so that Miffy will not have droopy ears… (And yes, hello kitty is not my idea! :p)


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