Baking posts are coming back here :p

And my feeling back then was correct, when I decided to take that step to create a baking blog. Haha.

Many of my bakes are linked to events in my life. A few times I wondered which blog I should post at. As of now, I don’t think I can keep up with blogging about baking every week, even though I very much want to; I guess when that happens – and if that ever happens, then I’ll think about separating the two. But for now, even though I love baking, I don’t have the time commitment to maintain separate baking blog :) That, and there are some other interests that are creeping into my life that I wish to give some time and share them here too!

I’ll be moving the few baking posts back here from Banana Bread. I’ll set up a link on the header so if you wish to view just baking posts, you can do so too. Look forward to having more food posts back here soon :)


One thought on “Baking posts are coming back here :p

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