Fail translator day

On the way home, I decided to go grab myself a cake from the bakery across my house. While looking at the selection of cakes, I suddenly got caught in between the cake shop girl from China and another an Indian lady trying to order a cake.

Thus, begins my 5 minute job as a English-Mandarin translator. It all went well until…

Indian lady: Can you ask her if the cake can be square?
Me: Hmmm…
Indian Lady: *moves over to china girl at the counter* Can I have a square cake?
China girl: *looks to me* 她要长方形的蛋糕是吗?
Me: err.. 不是 *STUMPED* *Flips the cake photo book until it a square cake is found and points to it*
China girl: 方形的蛋糕?
Me: 对了。。。

…And all the way home I actually forgot how to say square in Chinese.


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