Eating well & cooking

My stomach has been weird again, since the beginning of this week. Silly me made it worst by having alcohol during a gathering with my work colleagues on Friday, which made the toilet my second most visited place yesterday (first being my room).

Every time my stomach goes funky, maybe it’s a sign, but I just crave whole foods. No processed stuff like biscuits, luncheon meat, sausages, and so on… but food that has no preservatives and is somewhat fresh (or close to their original state). Which is… sadly very hard to find unless we cook!

Simple light breakfast Part of today’s breakfast…

Of course the above isn’t enough for a breakfast :p I didn’t have much choice because my helper, Paz, had already prepared some canned baked beans and sardines; and I forgot there was some salad in the fridge (doh!). So baked beans and sardines it was… Haha.

This inspires me to want to learn how to cook. Because recently I’m also finding myself eating for the sake of eating. My tongue seems to be getting sick of flavorings and everything being either too sweet or too salty when bought from outside.

I’m thinking of learning some basics from my helper since she cooks quite well. That, and starting to stock the kitchen up with more vegetables or ingredients that I can cook with on Sunday mornings for my family – since we mostly do canned, or packaged food like dim sum, and some salad at the side (which I love!).



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