This post hit the bullseye on how I feel on my life. It’s been quite a few times I mentioned I felt stifled working a 9am – 6pm job. And I couldn’t quite figure out why. Was it because I didn’t like my job, or was it because I felt my time could be put to better use? Many times it’s the latter. When I mean better use of time, it isn’t in terms of money, it’s more of I want to have time to spend it with people who matter, to work on things I like to do – and if that earns me money, then great!

But the practical side of me will go, hey, that doesn’t pay the bills. And so I stick on to a full-time job, and wonder why I do what I do. For now, I’ve accepted that even though it eats into time, it provides opportunities ($$$$) to do things that I want to.

I agree with this from the post – “Life is more about making time to do the things that inspire, create happiness, and most of all, give a sense of accomplishment.”

I guess that’s why I bake, I learnt the guitar, I want to sing, I want to try out different crafts – it makes me happy, gives a sense of accomplishment, and gives me hope that someday I can use it to make something out of it. Many things get me going hey – maybe I should try that! Because believe me, I detest being stuck in the routine or sleeping, eating and working.

Life is so much more than that ;)

6 thoughts on “Life

  1. I just saw this via our WP links. Gosh! We like minds have to stick together… ’cause getting rid of that ‘real’ job is a very tough thing. I’m so happy to have you on board!

    #1 realization since that freelance job ended: I don’t need nearly as much money as I think I do.

    Best of luck in your endeavors!

    • Hey Kristin, thanks for dropping by and for the well wishes :)

      Yes, it’s a tough thing… I’m still stuck for a while with the ‘real job’ until next February. I’m taking this time to plan what I want to do after, am excited just thinking of it!

      Anyway, all the best on your journey for the clothing line you and Shannon are working on! It’s inspiring to read about your story, and see you both go about to make this come true. I saw the sneak peeks of the {a}pparel revolution website and it’s lovely – simple, clean with beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see what you both are up to next!

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