Heard of Danny Choo?

I haven’t either, not until tonight when I was looking for older anime I might have missed after founding a gem like Dura Dura.

Danny tells a story of how he made it to Japan from London, and how he got to where he is today – running a small web and TV company in Japan called Mirai, a Director and presenter of a TV show called Culture Japan, and the owner of the blog Culture Japan that has blog posts with over hundred thousand views. All from his one passion – Japan.

It’s a story about passion; much about determination, focus, and taking risks. Hop over to Danny’s site to read about his journey – How Discovering Japan Changed my Life.

I love his outlook of life, even with all the setbacks (e.g. he quit his job for a better prospect, only to find 3 months later he was to be laid off because the company was in financial difficulties), he never blames anyone or any circumstances, and remains positive and forward looking ;)

It’s quite a long read, but worth it if you have the time!


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