Snow skin mooncakes

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming up soon on the 12 Sept. How quick, the hungry ghost festival is almost over! I had two scares this month, nothing to do with our unseen friends, but thanks to a cranky pipe going ‘ooooh, oooh’ while i was showering, and a silly insect ticking away bouncing off my walls :p

Last year’s mid autumn festival was fun, had a gathering with the group – made mooncakes, played with sparkles and burnt some lanterns (Oops). This year we have nothing planned yet… But I’m trying my best to arrange some mooncake making sessions with different people ;) Manage to find a recipe that doesn’t go hard after you put it in the fridge. The secret – steaming the dough.
Snow skin Mooncakes

Snow skin mooncakes
Makes about 16 2 1/2 inch cupcakes

20g All-Purpose Flour
40g Sweet Rice Flour
40g Rice Flour
40g Sugar
180ml Milk
80ml Condensed Milk
30g Vegetable Oil
Drops of colouring or flavouring (optional)
Fillings that you like e.g red bean, white loutus, etc (I purchase mine from Phoon Huat :))

1. Start boiling water for your steamer while you prepare the dough

2. Sift the 3 different flours into a bowl. Add the oil, condensed milk, milk, sugar, and flavouring/colouring if using. Mix until well combined. If there are still bits of flour, put your mixture through a sieve.

3. Once your water is boiling and steamer is ready for use, place the mixture into the steamer (make sure your bowl is made for microwaving, and can withstand steaming!).

4. Steam for about 10 minutes. Give it a stir, if it’s lumpy that’s okay :) Steam it for another 10 minutes until the mixture is cooked. Leave to cool.

5. Once cool enough to touch, knead it with your hands till smooth. Cling wrap and place in the fridge to rest for about 1 hour.

6. To make the mooncakes, take a portion of the skin and roll it out in between clingwrap. Roll your fillings into balls, wrap the skin around it, and round it out into a ball again. If the skin gets sticky, sprinkle some toasted sweet rice flour (fry your sweet rice flour in a pan until lightly golden) on it. It’s probably a good idea to roll it lightly in the toasted flour before putting it into your mooncake mould anyway, so that it can be removed easily!

Mooncake anyone? Yes I bought some character mooncakes :P I believe kids will like them!

I’ll do a step by step tutorial if I have the time, since I’ll be making a few batches in the next few weeks to give out. Till then, have fun trying your own mooncakes!


2 thoughts on “Snow skin mooncakes

    • Hi Tina! Sweet rice flour is also known as glutinous rice flour. If you’re from Singapore, you should be able to find it in supermarkets or Phoon Huat! :)

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