Marina Bay Sands & the ship in the sky

Parents managed to get a room at the Marina Bay Sands for free. Yes, my parents are leisure gamblers. I used to not like them gambling, but after a while came to realise that my dad doesn’t gamble mindlessly (he used to do horse racing, and every weekend I see him doing his ‘homework’ in a small brown exercise book. It’s filled with numbers and calculations that make no sense to me, but he does it to predict race outcomes!)… and well, my mum tags along with him. It’s good they have something they like to do together :)

Photos from Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Dinner, Hotel Room to the Sky Park!
Stephen & I! Stephen and I ;)

Mum & Dad Mum & Dad

Bro & Mum Bro & Mum

Marina Bay Sands Hotel room
Us in the room, testing out the TV ;p

Dad, Bro and Mum :) Dad, Bro and Mum viewing the skyline from the Sky Garden, a.k.a the Ship

Skyline from Sky Garden

Skyline from Sky Garden

Wonderful night with the family! :)


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