I’ve caught a bug, or two. Called the double Ls – meet lethargy and laziness. Say hi you two.

Laziness has a stronger influence of the two, he makes me just want to not do anything, watch some shows and do things that I’m comfortable with. Partnered with his sibling, I feel many days passing me by… with a lack of awareness and productivity.

I can see why they’re came around. Remember graduation goggles? It was bullseye! (I should go buy toto/lottery) So, I decided to stay on till end of this year to save more money before I make my trip to visit the SO next year, and things… didn’t look that bad earlier. But as the semester went out with work, I only feel detached, bored, and drained from things going on at the College.

Yes, I’ve been sleeping later, not wanting the next day to begin. There’s a pile of stuff I want to do – clear out my clothes cupboard again, try out various crafts ideas like sock animals! (inspired by my colleague ;)), take on some baking classes, start exercising again, go out and find people who play the guitar too…

But I’m tired – I just want to sleep, do comfortable things after coming home from work, like watch my shows and play SIMs.

Anyone seen the other duo, energy and enthusiasm? I need to find them pronto.


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