Oh, blurry week…

This week has gone by in a blur yet again. (I really should start working on my memory, somehow :p) The things that stand out this week –

1. I got roped in to be a translator for a student who was studying English in school. Her results were bad and the teachers were worried – they needed someone to convey that to her and discuss the options she has if she wants to continue the course. If you remember how bad my chinese is, I quickly asked a colleague from student services to help out… and Thank God I did *_*

2. Celebrated Stephen’s birthday – bought him a Thomas the train cake. Yes, he likes Thomas the train; but we both cannot remember what was it he showed me waaaaay back with Thomas’s picture on it. Happy Birthday again dear ;)

...and what's left of it :p

3. I met Mr Snail on the way to get lunch after my haircut on Saturday – isn’t he cute?!

Hello mr snail!

4. For the first time in a loooong while, I had a show marathon <3 Watched 8 episodes of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge from Saturday night, and continued on Sunday. LOL. (Nooo I shouldn’t get used to being a couch-er, bedroom potato!)

5. HK Trip in November, air tickets and accommodation settled!


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