Keep going

…for everyone who’s working towards being better at something.

Seth wrote about the Talker’s Block (or the lackof), and related it to the infamous Writer’s Block. Why is it that people get the Writer’s Block but not a Talker’s Block? Because people talk, make mistakes, and learn. Same goes for writing, to write better anyone needs to write, write badly, but keep going until it gets better.

He linked to Ira Glass, an American radio personality, who shared the same sentiments when it came to his craft, storytelling. How when we first start on anything, things will usually not be as we like it, and how many get disheartened and quit during that stage…

I agree more with both of them – keep going, keep doing. At the same time, it require a lot of courage and determination to put yourself out there, to listen with an open mind, learn from the constructive criticism and not get discouraged by those that put you down (and this can sometimes be yourself!). But if you can get pass that stage, things will get better… in time ;) Patience is a virtue.

Anyway, contradictory to what Seth mentioned, i DO get the Talker’s Block – I can talk about something, and half way through my mind goes blank  and I forget the point I was putting across. I don’t speak as well as I like, yes :p It’s something I’m working on, along a few other things.

Is there something you’re working on to improve at the moment?


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