Sept 2011 Daring bakers – Croissants

Croissants! When Sarah introduced the challenge, it was a pleasant surprise as I was thinking about trying croissants just this month. Definitely a big big challenge for me; I would rate croissants to be the 10/10 difficulty scale, especially with the warm and humid weather in Singapore.

Croissants out from the oven
Croissants, fresh from the oven!

It’s my first try on croissants. These were okay, but they weren’t as buttery and flaky as I would like them to be! Mainly due to my lack of knowledge of croissant making; handling the dough too much, and letting the butter melt while rolling. The next time round, I’m gonna refrigerate the dough  much much more (like how I do cookies, cause of the weather, the fridge is really my other best friend – besides my kitchenaid).

Croissant - the first try!
I think this look pretty okay for a first go. Haha :p

Not quite satisfied with how mine turned out, I went to search for croissant tips and found some on this forum post at ChowHound. Will probably have another go at it again when I have more time during the holidays coming up soon. Croissants need lots of love and time – these took me 1 whole day to make. But I believe, it’ll be all worth it in the end.

I miss Mirabelle’s croissants, they’re one of the best I’ve tried in Singapore. A pity the little shop moved back to Malaysia a few months after I started my work at LASALLE (it’s only a stone throw away from the College!) Mirabelle’s my benchmark croissant… until I get the chance to go to France, or have the opportunity to eat better ones at Quebec next year.

Funky Croissant 1
Funky Ring Croissants

The croissant recipe can be found here, a recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume Two by Julia Child and Simone Beck. I like how Sarah linked us to a black and white video of Julia making croissants…

Thanks Sarah and the Daring Bakers for this challenge. Till the next one! ;)


4 thoughts on “Sept 2011 Daring bakers – Croissants

    • Hi there! Sorry for the late reply… Yes it did melt a bit due to the warm weather :(

      Did you try making it as well?

  1. LOL yeah i did. i was quite desperate because the moment the dough is out of the fridge, water vapor starts condensing and butter starts melting and dough starts getting sticky.

    • I guess just have to keep refrigerating at the different stages so that it won’t melt so quickly. That or you work in air-con room :p Hahaha

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