This morning happens to be one of the days where my eyes can hardly open, and I sit up in bed with the blankets still over my legs… for minutes listening to the drone of the fan accompanying the silence, my body refusing to move on inch from the bed.

It’s also the time of the month where my hormones are having fun and I’m having more fluid loss than usual.

But it got better.

Still half asleep, I took my time making my way to the lift. Just as I reached the lift lobby, a head pops out from behind the open lift doors and asked, “Are you going down?”

That broke the haze of sleepiness and I realised, oh! This lady was holding the lift and waiting all the while! There wasn’t a hint of impatience in her voice, and a smile lit her face.

I quickly apologised and entered the lift, all the while wondering ‘wow, how rare this is!’ My experience of Singapore morning rush hours haven’t been the best so far, what with all the rush to get to work. Strange enough, just the night before I was watching the local series where actors pretended to strangers in distress, and how Singaporeans stepped up to help them. Something like Gotcha or You’re on Candid Camera, but this time it was to showcase the kindness in people. I think it was warming, as some strangers really went all out to help the ‘distressed actors’ :)

I got lucky on a less crowded train too, caught the trailer of Dragon’s Age upcoming expansion Redemption. And then caught this video from Jason Mraz :

“When we speak to someone, we have an intention and that is an energy that lands with them, here you really get to experience that energy. It’s always obvious in music, but here you actually get to physically feel the vibrations through your body, how they’re coming out of you, and how it’s coming back at you.” – Jason Mraz

The video ended just as I reach my designated station. That that one line stuck with me. Along with the beauty of the song and the space that lifted it.

As I made my way to work reminded of how we are all energy, and what we do and not do, and even just our energy can affect people around us (how often I am guilty of forgetting that), everything suddenly looked and felt clearer. It was a familiar feeling where everything felt… connected – the trees, the birds, the buildings, the people I walk by. Some people call this feeling of oneness to being connected to the Universe, or God, or the Creator. It’s a deep intense feeling of peace that makes me tear and smile at the same time, because you suddenly feel how vast the world is, and that makes you feel so small, but at the same time you know that you’re part of it all.

I know this might not make sense to some, but it’s the best I can do to describe it in words ;)

…The rest of the day went by wonderfully. I’m thankful Jason shared that wonderful video. And may God bless that lady for showing how real it is.


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