The weeks have gone by so fast… But I’m glad to say, things are finally starting to feel like it’s picking up! For a while it felt like I was swimming underwater, slow and sluggish, unable to hear properly, while the minutes tick by in real time above me. It wasn’t fun, and it irritated the hell out of me :p

Was at Wei Lee’s wedding yesterday. It seemed just like not long ago when she first called for the first bridesmaids’ meeting. While I could hardly keep my eyes by the end of the night, it was a blast ! It was the first time I went through the whole wedding process without heading home… from the gate crashing, a mini photoshoot, the tea ceremonies, to the hotel, the solemnization, and finally the dinner.  I’m glad Pam and Christal were there to be crazy with; we were all quite stoned by the end of dinner. Haha. I’m still very happy for Wei Lee, hope she and Kelvin had a good rest today ;)

There’s another reason why I’m happy. It’s because… it’s gonna be time to make things little dudes again soon :D Drawing their silly faces and designs always make me smile.

Geeky Gingerbreads

And it’s almost end of the year. Which means… new plans!


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