Happy boxing day!

Whoops. I know I was supposed to post some more recipes… but between baking all the gingerbread and buying all the presents, the one week passed in a flash! Today feels a little weird because I’m suddenly not baking, packing my bakes, or in the shops finding gifts. *grin*

Christmas this year was busier than usual with all the baking. But buying presents is always so fun (and headache inducing sometimes haha).  The celebrations this year were also a blast! It was great food, company and much laughter ;)

Christmas celebration with office peeps
Christmas celebration with office peeps

Christmas party! Christmas day celebration with the gang!

(Yes, i’m missing my family gathering photos… we somehow forgot to take any this year @_@ but that’s okay. We have Chinese New Year coming soon!)

Tomorrow will be room packing, and then for the rest of the week more test baking for the Chinese New Year, a few more gatherings, my Dad’s birthday celebration, and time to think about plans for the new year! My one week break is going to be over, just like how my last one week of leave just went by…

Anyway, hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas too. Now it’s time to enjoy the last week of 2011!


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