2011, it’s a wrap!

2011… if I were to summarize it – eventful and accomplished at work, and somewhat peaceful in my personal life, as compared to 2010. That was what I intended though, because 2010 almost felt too packed, with my job change and getting into a new relationship and all the gatherings.

But now I’m rearing to go for 2012! Top of my list now – to learn cooking, the ukelele, go for a leisure singing class, and learn French. In my excitedness, I wanted to cram everyday starting Jan, then realised I have the whole year to do it all :p

But I digress! If there’s one thing I learnt in 2011, it would be to stop fussing about perfection, and as Nike goes, just do it. From my intended baking blog, to resigning from my job, to starting to take orders for Christmas, and deciding to perm my hair ends. Not all went about its intended path ;) I merged my baking posts back here. I withdrew my resignation for now. The Christmas gingerbread men orders were a joy, but pack it together with gift shopping… man was it tiring! And let’s just say for my hair, I miss my slight wavy hair, look like a poodle at times, and feel it’s better on top of the boy’s head –

Sharing the hair love, in colour ;) :P

I used to fear failure, feared taking the wrong step,  feared not being able to meet my own or others’ expectations. I wanted to have everything and feel ready before embarking on anything. Then I realized, like in organizing any event, or any entrepreneur starting their business, it is impossible to possess perfect information that would make that event or business successful. We just have to start with what we have, make adjustments as we go along, and if we made a mistake, so be it, it’s not the end of the world ;) We live some stupidly, and learn some!

The other few activities that made 2011 was the Atelier 2011, the international art manager conference held at the College I’m working at, the crazy little festive celebrations and pranks we play on people at work, my KL trip with Stephen, the Hong Kong trip with Dorothy, being a sister at Wei Lee’s wedding, getting to see Linkin Park live… and this year’s Christmas party!

All of them, except the Atelier and Linkin Park’s concert, have one thing in common. LOTS OF FOOD.

Of course, there were many many more life lessons and little bits of activities here and there in 2011. It all added up to a somewhat relaxed 2011. *grin* If there’s one thing I wanna do in 2012, is to upload all of my photos to flickr, so it’s easier to recap and link at the end of the year. I used to do that in the past, then got lazy hahaha. Now I have them all mostly at facebook. Time for an flickr update.

Okay. I shall end here. Hope you all had a blast in 2011 too. Here’s to a fantastic, eventful and meaningul 2012 everyone!! :D


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