Experiments – bwa kua and pork floss cookies

This is a work in progress ;) I basically used the pastry from my pineapple tarts as a base and added chopped bwa kua (dried roast pork! Think candied bacon.) Overall they turned out pretty good on the first try! Though next round, I’ll probably test out using another type of butter. Golden churn’s buttery taste overpowers the floss and bwa kua ;)

Bwa Kua cookies Bwa Kua cookies

A part of me is thinking maybe I should try incorporating some bacon fat into this cookie. Haha :p I got mixed reviews on this, some tried it said they like the chew of the bwa kua bits; another colleague mentioned to try making the bwa kua bits smaller so that they won’t be so much of textural difference. So I’ll try that for the next testing!

Floss cookie Pork Floss cookies

The golden churn and pork floss actually do go pretty well together! Added a bit of butter to the floss so that it could hold its shape. Would probably skip that the next time as makes it a bit oily. I’ll also leave it shaped as a ball like the pineapple tarts. This batch was made shaped flat, and as a result you can’t really taste the floss that well…

Floss cookie innards
Floss cookie innards

I think a sprinkle sesame seeds would also be a nice touch for the floss cookies!

Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed! I’ll also be looking for people willing to taste test this for me… :p


2 thoughts on “Experiments – bwa kua and pork floss cookies

  1. Instead of sesame seeds, why not seaweed flakes? (think: the type we use to put in porridge) or like those maki sushi. haha

    • Hmm that might work too, I can test some with seaweed flakes, some with sesame and maybe some with both ;) Thanks for the idea!

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