January 2012

Is it me or are the hours and minutes going by extra fast? It feels like Christmas was just yesterday, and today I’ll be having a get together with the group again for the Lunar New Year!

Jan has been a pretty good month. I’ve started my French lessons…

Burning the midnight oil!
Homework x_x

…Made many many pineapple tarts (I didn’t sell any cause I was tired out from gingerbreads and work. I already have some requests, so next year I will be! ;))

First batch of pineapple tarts fresh from the oven!
Pineapple tarts hot from the oven!

…Did quite a bit of shopping at the start of the month

Couldn't resist this blazer :p
Blazer and shirt from new look!

… had quite a relaxing Lunar New Year. No visiting this year, people gathered over at my house :D

Reunion dinner ;)
Reunion dinner part 1 on New Year eve

The only thing that made me a little sad was that Stephen had left for Canada just this Thursday. It’s a mix of feelings :) I don’t feel anything at the moment, maybe it hasn’t sunk it yet. More excitement now, as I know I’m going to be visiting him in 5 months time!

Post dinner :P
Dinner with his friends the day before he left for Quebec :)

I’m still trying to figure out how I want my year to be, what I want to do, when to learn things that were planned to learn! I want to create more this year, experience more in these 12 months. In the process document what ever I can! I’m guilty of forgetfulness, and tend to be more unobservant than what I like to be. I’m hoping this process can help jog my memory as I look back, and help me notice things that pass me by.

I’ve talked about taking a picture a day before, and I’ve started it this month over at Flickr. I missed about 3 days, but I think that’s a good start haha!


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