Sickness and the art of doing nothing.

My good friend over the weekend
This was my best friend over the weekend, along with my socks, blanket and a bucket of ice water and towel… Oh joy.

Sick, two times in about 4 weeks. And both times on weekends *grumbles* I hope that means I won’t get sick for the rest of the year…

But now that it’s almost (almost… cause I hope the fever doesn’t come back again!) over, it’s strange but I feel more refreshed having the entire weekend doing absolutely nothing, except having to keep my fever down and remember to feed myself and take the meds.

I always tend to feel a little guilty on weekends (and sometimes even on weekday evenings!) if I don’t do anything productive. If I’m out with friends that’s good, but if I’m at home… I need to do something, anything. Like maybe test out a recipe. Or play the guitar. Or plan out the week ahead. Look for classes to try out. Or browse the internet filled with recipe goodness and Evernote recipes to try out. Or write a blog post. If I don’t, I’ll feel like I have an unfruitful weekend having wasted time not producing anything.

Which I learnt this week, is quite a load of rubbish – this weekend I did nothing of the above (except writing this post, shit :p). Caught a few episodes of Merlin… and I think I was pretty much stoned the whole of Friday night and Saturday I couldn’t do anything more but sleep. No fussing over what to make or what to do next week.

And though I’m still coughing with a very sore throat, it’s been a while since I felt such energy to take on the new week. That, or maybe the fever damaged my brain somewhere along the weekend :p

I will still continue to do things in my spare time, and if I don’t, stop feeling so silly and guilty of it. I guess it also means it’s time to slot in some ‘DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING’ time into my schedule ;)


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