Valentine’s Day – another Christmas!

Valentine has always been another Christmas for me; the excuse to find the cutest wrappers, buy little tidbits, bake up things and give them away.

Mr Vday goodie bag!
Mr Vday goodie bag

Today I gave away little Mr Vday packages. Packed with cookies from Daiso and brownie / chocolate chip cookie (CCC) bar. It was the first time I tried baking the CCC in a pan and am very glad it turned out aweseomee *grin* Now I’m all hyped to do bar cookies :p

It’s fun to give out these silly packages, though sometimes it feels a little awkward. Sometimes it feels like these are things done by young school girls for their good friends, and though many people mistaken me for 24 (…what? :p), 24 is still no young school girl; it can feel weird when you’re giving this to a guy colleague who’s 40. Or awkward when you over analyze things, and wonder if people think your motives are more than just trying to make them feed with delicious goodies. But so far, it’s been all good. *grin*

Anyway happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love ones! May we cherish our love ones not only on this day where one rose can buy us a few dinners, but for every single day in the year! ;)


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