Sugar Inc’s handbag cake class

I signed up for the handbag class from Sugar Inc a few weeks back. Been quite excited because when it came to fondant, I’m always had a few questions in mind – storage once the cake is made, and what brand of fondant to use! I have tried Wilton, and am not a fan of their fondant. Tried marshmallow fondant, but somehow couldn’t get it to harden properly…

I got the answers today and had much fun in class ;) Anna’s a fun teacher, and it’s always nice to meet other baking enthusiasts!

Sugar Inc's handbag cake class
Anna demonstrating how to make the bag’s sides and handles

In class: handbag cake in the making!
Work in Progress…

The finished bag :D
The finished bag!

Storage of the cake always bugged me because of the buttercream and fondant combination. Buttercream needs to be refrigerated, but refrigeration leads to wet fondant because of the condensation. Anna shared how to deal with this ;) Put the cake in a box and seal it! Take it out about 2-3 hours before eating, and leave the cake IN the box, so that the condensation happens only the box and not on the cake.

As for the type of fondant, Satin ice tastes pretty good :) I’ve always wondered about the brand, my colleague who bakes has mentioned it before, and I know Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes use this brand, but haven’t got to testing it out. Now I have, I think I’ll stick to this brand. Definitely going to start playing more with fondant now!


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