Traditional old fashioned chinese cakes

Today I attended another cake workshop with  Karen at Chef Warehouse by Chef Ng Bei Hun to make traditional old fashioned chinese cakes.

Our teacher ;)
Our teacher, Mdm Ng Bei Hun

The description on the website goes, “Do you still remember those days, when someone gets marry, you will receive 1 box of 10 pieces of sliced cakes with butter cream & colorful piping jelly. Very, Very Old Fashion Cakes in 60’s & 70’s. Bring back old memories!!”

Another class: old fashion traditional cakes. Yummy!The first variation with the popular gel piping :)

I wasn’t even born yet! Apparently these are the authentic traditional cakes that are slightly sweet and salty, as confirmed by the older ladies in the class – but I’m keen to ask around more to find out if this is true! The saltiness comes from the butter and salt in the cake, and the cream that is made using margarine, salt, sugar and essence. I never imagined that margarine was used for the cream… The teacher mentioned she once used planta, but changed to margarine after planta changed their formula and tasted different.

Raisin cupcakes
Second variation,  raisin and cherry cupcakes

As time went by, she mentioned that these cakes evolved too. Many shops use premixes now. And many are more sponge-like and not as dense, and they don’t have that sweet salty combination. This really makes me want to make a trip to bakeries known to sell these traditional cakes and see how each of them taste like! :) I recently tasted the well established bakery, Le Cafe’s wedding cakes, and they are light yet dense, but their buttercream is somewhat lighter, and not salty at all.

More from class: Butterfly cupcakes
Third variation, butterfly cupcakes

I’m going for another bao (steamed bun) class next Friday. Hopefully I can get my leave approved, it’s going to be a crazy week ahead! The class was decided on the spot today, enough people wanted to learn how to make bao, specially the lui sha bao (salted egg custard bun). The aunties in the class are quite enthusiastic, I assume most of them are not working :p

I won’t be posting the above recipes here, but if you are curious, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment with your email, I’ll be glad to share it with you :)


91 thoughts on “Traditional old fashioned chinese cakes

    • Hi Vanessa, I saw your email. Sorry haven’t had the time to reply you yet… I’ll send the recipe to you by this weekend! :)

  1. i was searching for “old fashioned cakes” and i’m so glad to have stumbled upon your site! checked out your about page and saw the awesome “sharing the hair love” photo heh ;p

    i hope you don’t mind sharing with me the recipe for the first cake? I’m super interested in how to make the oldfashioned buttercream actually. Was also wondering if there’s any particular type of margarine that is used? thanks! my email is!

  2. Hi Cass,
    I am so so glad I found your website and am really interested in trying to make the old fashion buttercream cakes that I used to eat during my days. I’m now in Perth and would like to bake and share with my boys the childhood types of cakes. Would really appreciate if you could email me the recipe,…pls.:) Thanks . My email is

  3. Hello Cassandra
    Just chanced upon ur food blog and straightaway fell in love with all the above traditional cakes. Would really appreciate if u cud send me all the above recipes. I have been longing to bake traditional engagement cakes and u know I was very happy to see them bright and alive in ur blog!
    My email is
    I was really feeling down thinking about the good old time when my late Mom was around and relatives would come with two boxes of those kind of cakes whenever their daughters got engaged. I remembered I always looked for the nicer pieces, those with jelly and cream I liked most and slowly devour them.

    Thank you in advance.

    Priscilla Poh

  4. Hi Cassandra!

    Just started baking 1 year ago and have been searching high and low for these old fashioned butter cream cake recipe but just could not get the right one!

    Please could I trouble you to share with me the recipe at

    Many thanks!!! =D

  5. Cassandra,
    I am so excited about this recipe! I remeber when i was a small child and my mom would buy bday cakes from our bakery that were like this one. I just love gel icing/piping! the cake looks so good and i am sure that it tastes delicious! Please be so knd as to shar the recipes with me. i am sorry i did not ask, but seem to demand in my previous post. please send to Thank You!

  6. Hi Cassandra,
    I’m Vonny. Can you please send me the recipe for the old fashion cake with cream. It really brings back happy memories to me and my family too. My email add is Thanks a million.

  7. Hi I live in Melbourne and am missing all these traditional cakes from Singapore… Especially the first photo of your cake, these were the cakes I grew up eating. Can you email me the cake as well as the buttercream recipes? Greatly appreciate it and thank you. My email address is

  8. Hi Cassandra..
    Come across your blog when I was searching for cake recipe using Planta margarine. I love those old time wedding cakes and the cream. Would appreciate if you could share with me the recipe. My email add is Thanks

  9. Hi Cassandra , I’ve been searching for this old fashion buttercream cake recipe for so long, can you email me the recipe? Thanks so much in advance.. And coincidentally , we share the same name too😀

  10. Hi Cassandra, I stumbled on your blog while looking for recipes of these traditional buttercream cakes! Would love to give those butter cake and buttercream recipes a try, could you kindly email them to Thanks in advance! :D

  11. Hi Cassandra,

    Could you please share with me on the recipe for sliced cake butter cream with jelly piping and the butterfly cupcake? Been looking everywhere for the recipe as they are my favorite childhood cakes and I really miss them cos it’s hard to find them now. Please email me at

    Thank you very much! :)

  12. Hi Cassandra,

    I like to try baking the fabulous cakes u featured on ur blog. I have been craving it since I migrated to UK but I can’t get any over here.. :( Could you please please please share the recipes? My email is at Thank you!!



  13. Request: Recipes for the Butterfly Cupcakes inclusive of the recipe for buttercream used in traditional local bakeries. Reason: For an elderly patient of mine who will find comfort and nostalgia in your beautiful cakes. Thank you.

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