…of pregnant ladies and train seats

On trains here, there are reserved labels at seats near the doors. Above them are drawn pictures of the elderly, pregnant ladies, or parents with babies.

Some people avoid the seat like its plague. I guess they rather have another seat and remained seated through their journey, or just stay standing. Or maybe… they want to save themselves the embarrassment of not giving up their seat after falling asleep, and looking like a jerk beside all the other angels seated next to them.

Today, I sat on the reserved seat.

It’s always easy to give up a seat when you see an elderly or a parent carrying a baby. It’s always not easy when you see a lady walk in with a big tummy.

Today, two ladies enter at a train stop. The one with the bigger tummy had tight fitting clothes on. The other with the smaller tummy, wore a loose top and pants. She stood in front of me for a moment, looking.

The lady seated beside me offered her seat to the lady in front of her, the one with the bigger tummy, and she took it with thanks.

I was conflicted. After a pause, I gave in and tapped the other lady on the hand, asking if she wanted to sit.

She smiled a tight one and said, “No, it’s okay.”

That’s the only reason why I hate sitting on the reserved seats.


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