Happy April Fools!

I’m going to stop posting any more baking posts as of today.

For everyone who’s following my blog, I won’t blame you if you think my life revolves around baking, and that the blog is becoming a baking blog. Even on facebook, I’m usually uploading food photos, and people are tagging me on food pictures left, right and centre. Sorry to all you peeps who get hungry viewing my stuff, it’s partially my fault, I know.

So… I’m going to stop. Not. :P

Happy April Fools to you! (Hey I tried! Now stop rolling your eyes. Hahaha.) But for the record, there isn’t going to be any recipes in this post.

This blog is meant to be filled with other things… just that it has became easier to post a baking post (once you have established a routine and get the hang of it). There’s pictures, there’s a recipe to share, there’s things to talk about about the food.

When it comes to daily stuff, it’s like playing a game on turbo speed. Before I can even gather my thoughts to put into words, it’s hello tomorrow! and another hurricane of activities, emotions and thoughts. And it’s ‘uh… thoughts, what thoughts?’ as I settle into reading some fanfiction or browsing the internet for yet more recipes to de-stress the day after work.

If I haven’t been writing (here, or in my personal journal), means I haven’t been thinking much. Or reflecting. Yikes.

My life’s has fallen into a nice routine of late. It boils down to a few things – work, baking, the occasional guitar jamming with a friend, meeting with friends, reading fanfiction (Merlin anyone? :p), and pinterest-ing and browsing food, craft and some fashion blogs. I’ve stopped watching anime, television; and haven’t got down to clearing stuff from my room :D It’s piles of messes at random corners again.

I remember one year back, it was almost the exact opposite. It was the built up to my major work event in May, I was stressed and playing Dragon Age. *grin* But hey, I was happy too ;)

I can’t help but wonder – oh boy, what am I doing with life! Though I learnt it’s a question without an answer, because life is life, it is exactly what you’re doing with it.

And this comes at a good time, because I’m coming to a crossroads again as it’s already April. June is only two months away. Which means I’m going to drop my job, and fly to Quebec to spend time with Stephen. It’s exciting, at the same time, mind boggling. Because the longer I am at my job, the more ties there are with people at the workplace. People I once don’t know, I can joke with now, they tell me random things and we share each others pain. And I’m starting to waver on quitting, because I’m actually happy and comfortable with how things are.

It’s kind of strange… I’m actually contented with how life is now. The balance of work, and all things not work related.

The prospect of going overseas excites me. Going to a foreign land, getting to see Stephen again, exploring new places, meeting new people, learning about a new culture. It seems trivial, but because I’m going over for a period of time, I worry about what exactly I’m going to do there…

… let’s see how things goes. But it’s going to be an interesting two months ahead ;)



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