Love is a four letter word…

This. Made my day. I’ve been waiting for him to go on tour!

More details of the places he’ll be touring over here.

I wasn’t a big Mraz fan when I first heard him. I’m yours and Lucky was nice to listen to… but it wasn’t until I got his earlier albums, I fell in love with his music :) The Remedy, Love for a Child, Wordplay, the Sunshine song are a few of my favourite songs.

It’s something about his songs that speak to me. Maybe it’s the way he choses his words to paint a story, to provoke a thought, to make you ponder about things in life we often forget about. Or… maybe I’m just smitten by how he only needs his guitar and voice, Toca his Djembe player, in most live performances to create such beautiful music.

I’m leaving you with two more videos from Jason, because I can :P Five songs from Love is a Four Letter word… coming out soon!


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