Have some hot cross buns! Happy Easter peeps!

Hot-cross Buns!
Hot-cross Buns!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot-cross Buns!

Hot-cross Buns!
Hot-cross Buns!
If ye have no daughters,
Give them to your sons.

hot cross buns!

Made some hot cross buns for Good Friday and Easter on Thursday night. Recipe courtesy of Ree from Pioneer Woman. I love how she makes everything so simple. There’s no kneading involved, just mix up everything and let the yeast do its magic! Hop over to her site to check out the beautiful step by step pictorial recipe ;)

hot cross buns innards

The buns remained soft even two days after. But the next time I’m making this, I’ll knead it a little to let the gluten form better – I like my bread a little chewier! Also, as a BIG FAN of butter, I’ll substitute the oil with butter. Haha. Otherwise, this is a fantastic recipe for anyone who wants to try their hand on bread making.

This weekend has been great. I wish we have 3-day weekends (with Fridays off) every week so that I have more time to do things :P

Met up with the group on Friday for Hunger Games, dinner, and some chitchat over at my place, reminiscing of old times (it’s a sign we’re getting old – the youngest boy in the group can’t believe I’m 28. He’s 20 this year, we met him when he was around 12!). We counted, and it’s been 10 years since the start of our group 13 Apostles from Ragnarok Online (yes we’re all geeks :P) It’s not uncommon now for people to make friends over online games, but… 10 years years back, where modems beeped and numbers were needed to connect to the internet? ;) We will always miss the old days, where we would play till wee hours of the morning, our only commitment being making sure we passed our exams.

We’ve moved on since from online games, though there’s still a handful of them who are playing World of Warcraft together. There were some who came and left. Some got married. Some don’t meet as often, but occasional pop by gatherings ;) But the main group still hangs out often. I can’t be more thankful to have a group of friends who spent the last 10 years together, and despite all our differences, accept each other for who we are.

Rindy's Wedding (Dec 2010!)
Photo from Rin and Wendy’s Wedding Dec 2010 :) Almost everyone is here, even the  peeps who occasionally pop by!

On Saturday, I went to catch a local Acappella group Vocaluptuous‘s performance and workshop at Punggol community centre. You can find their videos on youtube, but those videos seriously don’t do them justice haha. Their album sounds wonderful… but nothing beats their live performances because they look like they’re having so much fun together ;)


I like how the group is writing songs with a Singaporean flavour and doing covers of Singapore songs. (Samples over at their website!) We need more of those. Like the Alamak CD from waaaaaay back, man that was one CD cramped with everything Singaporean. I will always remember the drives in my dad’s car, the CD on play and us laughing our heads off :p

I guess as the art scene grow, there will be more of these emerging. It’ll probably take some time. I’m not trying to be patriotic, but Singapore is home after all, close to heart with all its quirks!

Anyway Happy Easter weekend everyone! Hope you enjoyed the long break as well! :)


4 thoughts on “Have some hot cross buns! Happy Easter peeps!

    • Haha, i see you found the like button :p

      Hunger Games was okay, wasn’t as bad as what I heard. Just watch it as it is, and read the book if you want to know more ;)

  1. ah okay. :) couldn’t find anyone to watch it with me though. most of my friends have already caught it.

    and yes. finally found the ‘like’ button.


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