Oh, what a nice and slow week…

This week has been nice. No urgent or surprise deadlines, no watching silly politics or drama at work. It was just quiet, easy and slow. I quickly took the chance to take Friday off, relax and bake up red velvet cupcakes due tomorrow for a birthday girl.

I’m also a happy girl knowing that one of my favourite Merlin author is writing more stories! I finished the latest chapter of an on-going series and was sad that I needed to wait for the next chapter… It’s like watching your favourite TV series, and having to wait one week for the next episode. Only with fiction, it usually takes longer. Especially since the word count this author has averages about 50,000 per chapter (her latest chapter had 80,000 words!). I’m quite picky with fanfiction (out-of-character characters, bad grammar, missing punctuation, the lack of plot throw me off fast). But this series has kept me around for over 9 long chapters, and wanting more. And I’m so glad she has more plot bunnies :P

I’ve also been seriously contemplating on getting a DSLR, particularly the Canon Rebel T3i / 600D. Because even though my Canon S90 is serving me well, I feel it might be time to take it to the next level. I’ll probably hit the shops soon to try out the different camera and see which I like ;) If any of you have recommendations on cameras or lenses for taking photos of food and people, I’m keen to hear from you!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the week (cause I’m bored and have nothing interesting to type :P)

Geeky glasses day

We had a geek day at work one day. I’m starting to love my big frame glasses more :p

Where is Cindy looking...

Photobombed :p

Took a class photo with the level 3 arts management students and some of the lecturers :) The students will soon be graduating! When I first came in, they were only in level 1…


Have a great weekend!


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