Of chocolate rolls, people and music

This week I made chocolate swiss rolls for a family gathering – same recipe as swiss roll 2 here, except I added 1 1/2 tsp of chocolate paste (will test it out by adding cocoa powder and do a separate post on swiss roll variations), and rolled it with chocolate rice! :D I’m glad to say I have no more fear of swiss rolls!
chocolate swiss rolls!

I have yet to start doing my daring bakers challenge. Probably attempt it during the week or next weekend (and be a day or two late :P). I’ve found a Singapore version called aspiring bakers, which I’m very keen to take up the challenges too.  I’m left with a week for both *crosses fingers* Else I’ll just have to start aspiring bakers next month. Haha.

This week I took more people photos than food, and I’m really starting to enjoy the process! Haha. Photos taken on the iphone, with effects from Instagram (love the app ;) feel free to add me @cassang if you have the app) –

Cindy and her birthday presentCelebration of Cindy’s first year anniversary at LASALLE – we got her a chocolate cake and a pink bracelet!

The art therapy lecturers :)The Art Therapy Lecturers :)

Gathering @ actors jam the bar on 19 apr ;) was awesome!Local meetup group for singer and songer writers @ Actors the Jam Bar

I’ve been part of this meetup group for a while now, but never got the chance to attend the gatherings. Or the guts. There’s always that fear – I don’t sing great or play the best guitar, and man, there are so many people out there who are soooo much better. But on Thursday, I thought what the hell – I wanted to meet more people who loves music, to learn from others.

And so I went.

I’m glad I did, because it was a warm welcoming crowd and I met some really interesting people! Which led to another jamming session on today. I still feel I can’t contribute as much as I like (vocals or with the guitar), but everyone’s encourages each other, and I begin to realise, we’re all still learning, we’re just on different parts of the music journey.

But more importantly, sometimes it’s all about just having fun :p

Jamming @ esplanade


Siti and Wijith

Forgot his name (oops!), Sandy and Leon

Kid making funny faces at us!This kid came by and started making funny faces at us ;p so cute! 


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