April 2012 Daring Bakers – Nazook!

This month’s challenge is hosted by Jason from the Daily Candor. We’re making the Nazook! Never heard of this before the challenge – I find the name’s cute :P It makes me think of the word ‘bazoka’ for some reason. Hahaha.

This is an Armenian recipe, it’s a a bit of a biscuit and cake hybrid, and reminds me of the rugelach without the cream cheese. These are small little pieces of vanilla sugar goodness wrapped in a sour cream yeast pastry. Vanilla and sugar – what’s not to love? And the best thing is that it isn’t so sweet!

For my attempt, I added about 100g more flour as it was still sticky after all the kneading. I guess it’s the humidity in Singapore but it turned out okay in the end (or maybe that explains the crack on top :p). Would probably chill the dough one final time before popping it into the oven, so that the filling doesn’t ooze out of my dough like it did for this time… you’re supposed to be able to see the beautiful swirls of the pastry and filling – mine just melted together into a blob. Oops.


The pastry is beautiful and  is one that I can see myself using again. I’m thinking of wrapping different fillings inside, and rolling it into a ball instead next time :)
Nazook... Nomnom

Head over to Jason’s site for the recipe. He’s also filmed a video of his Aunt Aida making the pastry, how adorable ;) Thank you Jason and Aunt Aida for this wonderful recipe!


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