May 2012

I’ve got tonnes of things I wanna share, but I don’t know where to start! This is what happens you dive face first into life. It has been a crazy month – i’ve felt happy, excited, tired, angry, sad, confused. Now I know how work hard, play hard feels like. Though if you overdo it, you might end up falling sick… *cough* *sneeze* …and i still got Gaga’s concert to go to tomorrow! Whoops.

It all started with the international arts management network meeting which had me staying till 9pm for about 2 weeks :) But it all went well (in the way events always do – in that you should expect last minutes surprises, keep your calm and keep on going) . I left the group photo in the office, will post it up soon once i remember to bring it home!

Celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday! My mum can’t smile for the camera… When she tries it just comes out weird. Like a grimace. Or her lips will be curled like she’s unhappy with something. So I figured out how to get smiley pictures of her – either make her laugh and then snap a picture, or snap on the count of 2. Worked very well indeed :D

Mum's birthday!

Been hanging out with the jamming group lately too. Quite a few firsts with them… 1) Recorded a school anthem for a contest (we didn’t win, the process was interesting. By the end of it, we just wanted to sing other more interesting songs! haha), 2. Went to Tantric, a gay pub. Met a colleague, oops. 3. Got urged onto stage to sing at my second singer and song writer’s meetup, and did Adele’s rolling in the deep :) Wasn’t as scary as expected! 4. Finally tried out jamming at a jamming studio (we were using the silent studio previously, and didn’t have much of a kick as everything was through headphones…)



Crazy bunch of people I recently got to know ;)

Oh fun times! (Also partially why I’m falling sick now… *cough*)

Celebrated Amanda and Dorothy’s birthday at Serenity, Vivocity. Pretty delicious spanish food! Always fun to hang out with the group… though it’s a bit of a challenge now when all of them are busy killing demons in hell :p

Amanda and Dorothy's birthday celebration

On a more solemn note, one of my aunt’s helper passed away recently. It was a freak accident – she got crushed by an old elevator while helping an old lady on a wheelchair at church. I couldn’t believe it when I first held it from my mum, and was angry at the church for allowing people to use such an old lift :/ It was the type of lift where you had to open a gate before entering. Apparently the gate could be opened before the lift was there that day. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but that it was at night, and she walked in  just as the lift came down…

Even though I’m not that close to her, I can’t help but feel sad because she’s always been around all these years. She’s been with my aunt for 22 years, helped our family through the times when my grandmother was throwing tantrums and was ill. And she was just about to go home next month for good, to finally get married. I feel that it’s been unfair for her, to be gone like that.

She will be missed for the years to come. This picture was taken last year at Chinese New Year, she’s Rita, the lady on the right most. It’s God’s turn to take care of her. May she rest in peace…

The helps, CNY 2011

Back to a lighter topic, I’ll be flying to Quebec on 3rd July and staying there till end of August. I’ve taken no-pay leave and be back to work in September. Crazy move – though there’s going to be a temporary person in, I’m already dreading the mountain of work that’ll be there when I’m back – but it’s due to practical reasons (ahem, bonus) I’ll be staying on for a while longer. That and I love most of my colleagues.

With Mandy. Finally time to camwhore! Wahaha

Black and red day!

And that’s a brief summary of May 2012, with of course Gaga’s concert tomorrow! And erm, yea I haven’t got down to baking much this month due to all the late nights and packed weekends. It’ll be back soon!


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