My favourite chocolate cake recipe

….as of today! :p It’ll change as I try new recipes. But this is going to be my basic chocolate cake recipe for a while.

I used to love the Blackout Cake from the Cake book by Tish Boyle. But I fell in love with this one… The difference between the two? The blackout cake is more fudgey, moist and it melts in your mouth ;) This recipe here is also moist, but not as fudgey, with a tighter crumb. Both are great cakes, but as of now I like the texture of this cake.

chocolate cupcakes!

Went for a friend’s birthday party yesterday and made the Chocolate  Guinness cake, which I still love very much ;) I usually bring extra guinness to pour over the cake! Hee. So I was left with extra sour cream today and no more guinness… so thought it would be good to try out coffee instead! It worked out very well.
chocolate cupcake innards

For the recipe, head over to the Chocolate  Guinness cake page, and substitute the guinness for coffee. If you’re feeling adventurous…  you could try some other liquid or liquor (hmm I wonder if wine will work?). Have fun!

4 thoughts on “My favourite chocolate cake recipe

  1. Hey Cass! Gonna try this out this coming Friday with my sis-in-law :) When you used coffee, can we use the 3-in-1 Nescafe powder mixed with 240ml of water? And for the cream used in the frosting, what type of cream is it? Heavy cream?

    • Hey Wendy, u probably could try maybe put two packets to a 240ml. I don’t think the creamer and additional sugar will affect it that much… :) though if u have granulated / powdered coffee that would be better, it’ll be about 1 tbsp to 1 cup water.

      For the cream yes heavy cream! If u don’t have heavy cream, what I do sometimes is increase the butter to 1/2 cup, and then just add a bit of milk to get it to the consistency I want :)

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