Hello from Quebec City!

Wow. Pinterest is amazing. Finally managed to check my blog and I’m getting thousand over hits for the mini oreo cheesecake. Now I feel like making it over here :p haha!

Been in Quebec City for almost two weeks now. It’s a small cozy and relaxed city, compared to the small fast-paced Singapore. And it’s summer! Spent the most of last week trying to sleep off the jetlag, getting orientated, and meeting Stephen’s colleagues and friends :) This week’s been good too, going for the Quebec Summer Festival during the evenings and relaxing at home during the day.

It’s almost perfect, I wanted a good break for sometime now, the only elements missing are my family and friends. If I were home, I would bake, visit friends during their lunch breaks, go for swims, and explore Singapore. People around me were envious and excited for my 2 month break, I was too – but it was a mixed bag of feelings – I was excited, happy for a break; though because I was out of the country, I felt like I was putting some things on hold and can’t work on them until 2 months later.

I know, it’s silly, some would think – it’s only two months! I can’t help it, it was a nice momentum of work and things I love doing before I left, with so much more I wanted to explore – I’m just afraid I’ll lose that after I get back after 2 months. I know, silly ;)

But going away also made me realise a few things 1. I needed this time away to reflect, because in Singapore I was just doing and doing, and didn’t handle some things as well as I liked to (especially in terms of work), 2. how much I appreciate the friends I have around me back home, and Singapore the tiny little busy city!, 3. I am one damn lucky and blessed girl again, to be able to do this.

Without further rambling, here are some pics from these two weeks. Taken from the iphone and mostly instagram-ed. Yes I’m an instagram addict (add me @ cassang!) :p Feel free to hop over to my Flickr for the latest pictures!

@ the airport with mum (and dad!! But mum has shaky hands so the pic with him turned out blurry :p)

Mum (and dad!) sending me off at the airport :)

Church right outside the apartment

View right outside Stephen’s apartment. Beautiful church! (Erm, yea no pictures of the house yet because we have to do some spring cleaning :p)

Shock face wall plugs!!

I love how the plugs look so shocked here :p

Finally tried Poutine!

Every Canadian I asked to recommend food, told me to try Poutine. So I did :D Interesting. It reminds me of KFC’s mash potatoes, cept that these are fried potatoes instead, with brown sauce and cheese grits. Love it? I’m okay, maybe as a side dish but not a meal *grin*

Château Frontenac, Old Quebec

Vistied Old Quebec. Beautiful beautiful buildings. The above is Château Frontenac, a hotel! ;)

One of the little alleys at Old Quebec

Rue Garneau, a little alleyway in Old Quebec

Inside the Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica Carhedral

At the Alter of Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica Cathedral, Old Quebec

Chefs for the night!

Attended a cooking and dinning session for Stephen’s buddy’s birthday, Sunder. Great fun :D We cooked Filet Mignon and an apple puff pastry dessert. Yum!

Filet Mignon with blue cheese mash and french beans

Vanilla ice cream with apple puff pastry and raspberry sauce <3

Quebec summer festival pass!

And then of course, went to the Quebec summer festival :D Watched Bon Jovi, Tedeschi Truck Bands and Aerosmith –

1/4 of the crowd at the Quebec Summer Festival... Waiting for Bon Jovi!

This is 1/4 of the crowd for Bon Jovi at the plains of Abraham. First time being at a concert with this many people! Estimated capacity for the place is around 65 – 70 thousand people. It was as crazy for Aerosmith haha

Bon Jovi... This is only about 1/8 of the crowd present @.@

Bon Jovi :)

@ Tedeschi trucks band concert

Tedeschi Trucks band, a smaller more intimate setting. Love their music!

 That’s all for now. I’m planning to explore more of Quebec City with Stephen in the weeks ahead, and then going to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal and New York. Excited!

Oh, in terms of baking, I love the butter and fruits available here so far! I’m not as well equipped as when I’m home with pans and my Kitchenaid, but that won’t stop me from baking (okay maybe, for a while, I just need my muffin pan). Haha. You’ll see in the next post ;)


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