Geeky stuff and more snowball cookies!

Oh gosh, it’s been a while! Work has been a pain, but things are settling down now that semester break is coming. Also been trying to make music with my jamming group, the EighthNotes (we’re mostly noise now hurhur), and testing a few recipes here and there.

I happily blew some money on a new computer. It’s a small CPU unit hiding under my desk, compared to the old huge chunky piece that gave me aching arms after having to lug it to the IT store. Next up will be my camera! I’ve set my eyes on the new Olympus OMD EM-5. Seriously didn’t consider it until my colleague introduced me the camera… and I fell in love (it’s an expensive love). I initially wanted the canon 650D, then the canon EOS-M. However  I’m liking the  reviews (Robin Wong and Steve Huff) and pictures of the OMD-EM5 that I’ve seen so far. Plus I love the camera design!

I’ve also found a very nice spot in my bedroom to take my bakes, just next to my window. I’ve been taking most of my photos with the iphone. I rely on much on instagram and snapseed for editing my images. Smartphones and their conveniences. While I’m quite happy with some of the photos, it really doesn’t help with my laziness or improving my technical camera knowledge… ;)

Once again, I am revisiting the buttery snowball cookies :) It’s a snowball, and well, Christmas! I have yet to get a glimpse of snow, or make any snowballs. No snow here in the sunny little island – the two seasons we have here are summer, and rain. So I guess these will have to do for a while :P

I’m trying to dress them up a little… not that they’re not delicious simply with a good butter and a sprinkling of icing sugar!

What to include in them? I’ve tried them with toasted walnuts, and butter and nuts are always nice. I was thinking of almonds, cashews, or maybe even pecans. I wanted to load them with dried cranberries, perhaps candied ginger.

I somehow settled with dried blueberries with macadamia nuts. Sweet, a little sour, with a crunch of the butter macadamia nuts.

Blueberry macadamia snowball cookies

Revisit the recipe here. Have fun!


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