And the 2012 chapter closes…

Phew. What a year it has been!

I haven’t got to posting much this year ;) A tad guilty here haha. I would love to write more, so that is something I’ll work on in 2013. Also, I finally settled on my camera and bought myself a Olympus OMD-EM5 :D I’ve some plans to revamp this blog, to incorporate more of what I love besides baking. Somewhere along the way in 2012, the desire to capture memories better grew stronger. Music, also somehow made its way into my heart.

Got to see my favourite musician, Jason Mraz this year!

2012 was quiet and little shaky at the start, with Stephen leaving for Canada, and the uncertainty of my job – my department was going to have yet another big change (a new boss), I was just tired of changes, the routines of the work and being shortchanged on certain things.

But… the year just got better and better :) In terms of work now, my new boss appreciates what I do and will take things up with HR if needed in Jan after the increments and promotions are announced. I’m going to hold on and do what I can, because it’s still just a job, and what I earn is used to fuel my other interests.

Photobombed :p Crazy level 2 people at work

Celebrating Daphne's birthday :)
And then the level 3 people, who share the same pains at work :p

I baked more during the first half of the year. Sometimes, at least for me, nothing beats quiet moments in the kitchen, with only sounds of the mixer, getting my hands dirty with a mixture of flour, sugar, butter, vanilla  :) Of course I loved to document what I bake (so I can post it up here too!), so frustration sets in sometimes because I can’t take proper pictures due to the lack of photography knowledge, especially for night bakes. And most of the times, I can only bake at night due to work, but I managed somehow. I’m playing around with my schedule to find a better document the bakes – so let’s hope I can put up more stuff in the new year!

Baking came to a slow during the second half of the year, after my trip to  Quebec City, and then my side trip to Toronto and New York. That for me was the highlight of 2012 ;) It’s the furthest I traveled from Singapore, and to experience other cultures even for a short while was so worth the 2 months of no pay, and the 24 hour flights and crazy airport delays. Don’t get me wrong, I love Singapore for its safety and all its conveniences – it’s home. But being cooped up in a small city for too long can make one a little narrowly focused on things. The world is big, there’s an urge to see more of everything!

Spaz With Stephen at Quebec
Stephen and I being silly at a small lane in Quebec City

In May, I took a step out of the comfort zone for music with my guitar, joined a singer and song writer meetup group and met a bunch of interesting people. We’re all at different stages musically, with our own struggles to improve in music and life. Definitely not the most coordinated bunch, sometimes we just make noise frankly. Haha! I guess the most important thing is that we love music :)

Xmas at Geri's 2012!

Some of the Eighth Note at Geri’s House on Christmas Eve ;)

I got roped in by my friend EZ (she’s the one with the cap above!), who is a freelance entertainer, to to perform a small section for a dinner and dance on 4 Jan. It’s scary, because it’s going to be the first ‘official performance’. I’ve learnt that practicing at home, and singing and playing in front of an audience is two different things altogether. Nerves are a scary thing. I think it’s a great way to start the new year with this challenge.

MBS with 13 Apostles group 2012
The 13 Apostles, still love this group for all the fun times and memories!

2012 I had set out to explore and challenge myself. Next year, I’m all set for more challenges, and creating more.

What about you? ;)

Live Love Laugh!


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