The first weekend of 2013

Weekend’s almost over! I always start dreading the work week ahead when Sunday evening rolls around.

So the performance is over! Felt like a wedding singer because everyone was busy tucking into their food while we sang. But that was good, helped relieve the nerves a little. Haha. I was a tad disappointed though, because I fell sick on Monday and that affected my voice. I’m still coughing and needing to clear my throat sometimes now… It’s something I probably need to learn how to cope if I ever really want to do more performances.

Other than that, I took my new camera to play yesterday while accompanying a friend to buy a guitar ;)

Cam whoring in the car :p
Snapshot in the car :D

With Glen, and my brother.

Nigel with his new guitar
Nigel, with his new Maestro guitar!

Dorothy with her new guitar!
Dorothy, with a new small-ish Maestro guitar. I love the size!

More snapshots over @ Flickr – Jan 2013 album!

It’s been a fairly unproductive week while I tried to recover from my sickness. Looking forward to more activities in the coming weeks :)


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