Blue and Grumpy

While out for lunch today, I caught sight of this little fellow hanging from a boy’s shoulders.

Say hello to Mr Grumpy!

I would have called it perpetually stunned and spaz blue thing, but because it’s Monday and I was feeling angry because I found out that HR was keeping yet more things under wraps, it’s now called blue little grumpy bag. At times like this, I wonder why I’m still hanging around.

Grumpiness aside, I’ve started on my pineapple tart baking! Made some over the weekend for my colleagues to sample. Already got a few orders before this, and should be getting more. Sadly I’ll have to cap the number of bottles I can do, because I have only 4 – 5 hours on weekday evenings, and limited weekends to bake (and I still have activities then!) It’s times like that I wish that I didn’t need to be in the office 9am – 6pm. I’ll post a picture of the tarts tomorrow ;)


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